Product Overview

automationX - System Solutions

automationX is a scalable DCS (Distributed Control System) and is used for single-user solutions up to complex control systems. automationX has a modular structure and contains modules to enable visualisation, PLC programming compliant with IEC 61131-3, and different data management modules as well as a wide range of interfaces and communication protocols.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ´

  • Scalable DCS
  • Platform Independend
    Windows, Linux
  • Branche Solutions
    Processindustry, Infrastructure, Building Control, MES, Energy Management, Advanced Process Control
  • 2D / 3D Visualization
  • Data Management and Reports
  • Continuous Redundancy Concept 
    Client- Server- Interface Redundancies
  • Easy Integration of Subsystems
    ERP, Videowall, Emergency Call Systems, CCTV, ...

      AutomationX uses its own hardware products as well as components from any other manufacturer starting from large server systems to embedded controllers. The entire engineering of automationX is done by a single tool (process images, PLC logics, and communications). A redundant architecture for servers, PLCs and networks provides for as much availability and data security as possible.

      automationX is not limited to control and visualisation, but includes a range of modules that can be integrated, such as MES and batch systems as well as Advanced Process Control solutions for process optimisation or process simulations.


      The design of automationX guarantees openness in three aspects: First, the existing EDP structure can be used optimally; second, the field components of various manufacturers can be combined in any possible way; and third, an interface to commercial systems is ensured.


      In terms of technology, automationX is based on object orientation. This means general technology that allows for the creation of overall applications from autonomous software modules. Thus, when using automationX, you create the solution you really need and do not have to worry about bits and bytes.

      Hardware developments by AutomationX round off the overall system. In principle, AutomationX relies on standard hardware that is available on the market. However, if this does not live up to the special demands (e.g. extended temperature range, improved dielectric strength etc.), the core components will also be developed and offered by AutomationX itself.