The core activities of the infrastructure business sector are traffic, tunnel and building control technology, and monitoring systems for railway lines and energy management systems. Centralisation and user-oriented processing of large volumes of data is just one of the challenges encountered in this sector.

Intelligently networked

Geographically widespread plants present a major challenge in most cases. AutomationX recognised early on the demands for partial autonomy of those plants at the field level – or onsite intelligence – on the one hand, and the greatest possible vertical integration of the control centre on the other. These demands were to become its strengths. The automationX control system provides you with state-of-the-art data transfer technology, combined with control technology in the field which shows the openness of IT systems. Moreover, automationX brings together all the parts of the plant, irrespective of the manufacturer, thus guaranteeing a unified interface between the operator and the plant itself. This abstraction allows you to monitor and operate a wide variety of plants in a unified way.


AutomationX is not just concerned with managing plants by providing convenient solutions for monitoring and operation. The vast data volumes or number of individual units present a challenge for maintenance. All data are consistently recorded and archived, from the field level to the control level. Statistics and analyses including breakdown management and helpdesk systems make plants easier still to use.


Security at all plant levels is a fundamental prerequisite of the man-machine interface. Redundancies at all levels, from the energy supply through to the transfer of data and the preparation and processing of those data, as well as extensive and documented test scenarios, offer the greatest possible security.